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Isaac Essel

Ambassador Isaac Essel

President & CEO – Serenity Empire
President & CEO – Serenity Global Investment Group
Managing Director – Adom Clinic
United States Georgia Diaspora Ambassador to the 35th Senate District

Isaac Essel’s entrepreneurial spirit ignited early when he launched his own screen- printing business at just 17 years old. This early venture set the stage for a remarkable career characterized by innovation, leadership, and a passion for helping others.

With over twenty years in Corporate America, Isaac has contributed his talents to some of the most prestigious companies, including Soni Corporation of America, PepsiCo, and Nestle Purina Petcare USA. Throughout his corporate journey, Isaac successfully managed high-profile, capital-intensive projects and mentored many aspiring leaders, helping them to reach their professional potential.

Today, Isaac wears multiple hats with distinction. As the President and CEO of Serenity Empire USA and Serenity Global Investment Group, and as the Managing Director of Adom Clinic in Ghana, he continues to lead with vision and purpose. Adom Clinic focuses on mental and behavioral healthcare, a field where Isaac is deeply committed to making a lasting impact. His belief that a sound mind unlocks limitless possibilities drives his work in this vital area.

In March 2022, Senator Donzella James honored Isaac by naming him the United States Georgia Diaspora Ambassador to the 35th Senate District. This role reflects his dedication to bridging communities and fostering positive change.

Isaac’s academic background includes an undergraduate degree in International Business from the University of West Georgia. He is a dynamic Ghanaian-American entrepreneur and investor, deeply involved in various business and community organizations. Isaac serves on the Board of the Ghana Diaspora Chamber of Commerce and is the President of the Young Ghanaians Investors’ Club of Atlanta. His memberships extend to the Ghana International Chamber of Commerce, Douglasville Chamber of Commerce, Fulton County Chamber of Commerce, and Georgia Chamber of Commerce.

Outside his professional achievements, Isaac is a devoted family man. He loves his children dearly and instills in them the values of investment and financial literacy. Family moments are precious, and he constantly teaches his kids the importance of building wealth for the future.

A passionate soccer enthusiast and car aficionado, Isaac’s interests extend beyond the business realm. He enjoys the thrill of the game and the beauty of finely crafted automobiles. Every week, he actively participates in the Douglas County Men’s Fellowship and Bible studies, nurturing his spiritual growth and community connections.

Isaac is always in pursuit of knowledge, frequently listening to and watching content on wealth creation and investment strategies. His life is a blend of professional excellence, family devotion, and continuous learning, all fueled by his relentless drive to create a positive impact wherever he goes.

Henrietta Essel

Henrietta Essel

Empress of Serenity Empire Senior Living

Henrietta Essel is the visionary Empress of Serenity Empire Senior Living, leading a growing network of senior living communities dedicated to exceptional care and comfort. Under her leadership, Serenity Empire has expanded to include five thriving locations, with more in development.

Before fully dedicating her efforts to Serenity Empire, Henrietta had a distinguishedcareer as Nurse Manager for Centralized Staffing Operations at Grady MemorialHospital. At Atlanta’s premier ACS-verified Level I trauma center and ABA-verified burncenter, she provided round-the-clock leadership and management, ensuring the higheststandards of care and operational efficiency. During her tenure from 2019 to 2021, shemanaged key departments, including the RN Float Department, Patient Care SupportFloat Department, Discharge Lounge, and Staffing Office, with a focus on excellence inpatient care, human resources, and performance improvement.

Henrietta holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Argosy University in Atlanta, GA. She remains actively involved in professional and community organizations, including the Douglas County Chamber of Commerce, the American Businesswomen’s Association, and the American Nurses Association.

Her dedication to nursing and healthcare has earned her numerous accolades, such as the Daisy Award for Outstanding Nursing from Grady Memorial Hospital and the Excellence in Nursing Practice Award from Wellstar Health System.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Henrietta is deeply committed to making a difference in the world through her nonprofit organization, Mind the Mind. This charity is dedicated to supporting individuals with mental health challenges in Ghana by providing essential resources such as medication, food, clothing, and shelter. Through Mind the Mind, Henrietta extends her passion for care and support to a broader community, addressing critical needs and improving lives.

Henrietta’s dual heritage as a Ghanaian-American enriches her approach to both nursing and business. She is driven by a deep-seated mission to create reliable systems of care and nurture the next generation of healthcare professionals in a rapidly evolving landscape.

In her personal life, Henrietta is married to Ambassador Isaac Essel. Together, they have a close-knit family of three daughters and one son, and they warmly embrace their mothers, who live with them. As the only sister among six brothers, Henrietta values her large and supportive family.

Henrietta is also a dedicated member of her church, serving as a Host and actively engaging in her spiritual journey. She is a proud graduate of the Women of Valor program, reflecting her commitment to personal growth and leadership. In her leisure time, she loves praying, worshipping, cooking, and enjoying movies, balancing her dynamic life with grace and passion.

Elizabeth Aduse Pokuwaa

Elizabeth Aduse Pokuwaa – Administrator

It is typical for people that experience severe life stressors to have their lives unravel. Elizabeth’s greatest passion is to bring love and healing to such people. As a mother of four and a grandmother of 10, Elizabeth has a lot of experience to love, care, and consequently use her professional knowledge to provide the needed health care for her residents .

Elizabeth loves to share, no wonder why she first became a professional teacher with a Degree in Education before moving into healthcare. Elizabeth has over 15 years of healthcare experience and has been with Serenity Empire since its inception. More specifically, Elizabeth was the first employee of Serenity Empire and her dedication to work, and services has helped the company grow to this present state.

Elizabeth is excited to continue with her outstanding work with Serenity Empire.

Tamika Lipscomb

Tamika Lipscomb – Executive Director

Tamika is a mother of 3 beautiful children and 7 grandkids. She has over 20 plus years of experience in the healthcare industry, which includes 26 years as a certified pharmacy technician and 5 years as Licensed Nursing Healthcare Administrator.

Tamika has both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in healthcare administration as well as a master’s degree in Psychology. One of Tamika’s greatest passions is helping others achieve their goals in life including improving one’s quality of life.

In Tamika spare time, she enjoys spending time with family, shopping, traveling, volunteering to help others, and going to church.

Tamika is excited to become apart of Serenity Empire and look forward to serving and helping our seniors.

Leron Tate

Leron Tate – Dining Services Director

Leron, an Alabama native, has called Atlanta home since 1996. As the youngest of nine siblings, he grew up in a lively household surrounded by great cooks, which ignited his passion for all things related to food. This early exposure to diverse culinary talents inspired him to explore and perfect his own cooking skills.

In addition to his love for cooking, Leron enjoys traveling and immersing himself in different cultures, which further enriches his culinary creativity. His appreciation for music spans all genres, reflecting his diverse interests and open-minded approach to life.

Leron has a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and brings over 10 years experience to Serenity Empire.

Nukisha Parker

Nukisha Parker – Lifestyle & Programs Director

Nukisha Parker-Clayton has dedicated over 12 years to the healthcare industry, bringing her expertise and compassion to every role she undertakes. In 2012, she made a significant move from Oxford, Mississippi, to Georgia, where she continued to build her career.

Nukisha is known for her vibrant personality and her passion for cooking, dancing, and creating joyful experiences for her residents and their families. Her ability to connect with people and make them feel at home is one of her greatest strengths.

Outside of her professional life, Nukisha enjoys playing Bingo and cherishing moments with her family. Her commitment to both her work and personal life exemplifies her well-rounded and caring nature.

Monica Tufuor

Monica Biba Tufuor, BSN, RN – Wellness Director

Monica Biba Tufuor is a nurse with over 10 years of medical experience spanning three continents.

She speaks English, Spanish, French, German, Twi, and Dagbani.

She’s responsible for managing the day to day healthcare operations of the Community and ensuring that all residents healthcare needs are met in a respectable and dignified manner.

She also supervises the licensed nurses and directs other staff within the Community

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