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Top Nutritional Needs of Seniors

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How nutritious are the meals your senior loved one is eating? Nutritious meals are one of the priorities we provide as a personal care home in Fairburn, Georgia. Nutrition is a basic need of every person no matter how mature their age gets. For our senior loved ones especially, there are important nutritional elements that are highly needed at their age.

We’ve compiled this list for them to get you guided. If preparing meals becomes extra challenging for you at home, our care providers of elderly care in Douglasville, Georgia can lend you their skilled hands.

    This element can be found in many fruits and vegetables, which can be served to aging loved ones in many different ways. Fiber is essential for a better bowel movement, along with reduced risk for heart diseases, and reduction of complications from Type 2 diabetes. Fiber can also be found in whole-grain cereals.
  • CALCIUM, Vitamin D
    A senior person’s bones can become disadvantaged especially if these have not been taken care of in the younger years. Calcium is very necessary to improve your loved one’s bones, while vitamin D helps the body to absorb more calcium. These can be taken from fortified cereals, green, leafy vegetables, and milk, among others. When the doctor prescribes, there’s also a medical supplement for calcium and vitamin D.
    Since heart problems can also become common in the senior years, potassium will help your loved one reduce their risks to this illness. Improved heart health is also achieved when potassium intake is partnered with reduced sodium or salt. Potassium can be sourced from fruits, vegetables, and some beans.
  • Vitamin B12
    This vitamin is very essential for healthier blood cells; however, the aging person will have lesser production of this nutritional element. Hence, if they have a low supply of the B vitamins, they can source these from fortified foods, lean meat, and fishes and seafood. However, when supplements are necessary, their doctor can also provide adequate advice in this matter.
    Indeed, fats have been known as the contributor of cholesterol, which brings about heart problems. However, there are good fats, and there are also bad fats. For your senior loved one’s nutritional needs, they will need healthy fats that come from plants. These fats help flush out the bad cholesterol that can form in the artery walls, which can trigger heart problems.

In our care home, we provide special care and attention to your senior loved ones as they continue to age. Aside from healthy meal preparation, we also monitor their medications, fall prevention, and other important elements in the aging years. We also provide respite care in Georgia for families who need someone to care for their senior loved one when they have an important rest opportunity to take.

At Serenity Empire PCH, let us help you provide the quality care that your aging family member deserves. If you’d like to know more of the services we extend, contact us today.

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