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Tips: How to Show Care to Your Senior Parent from a Distance

Tips How to Show Care to Your Senior Parent from a Distance

Don’t let distance be an obstacle when you love each other. This pretty much sums up our take on why it’s very possible for you to extend care for your aging parents even when you’re not personally with them. With qualified professionals to extend elderly care in Douglasville, Georgia, you can trust that your senior family member is still under the care of trustworthy and able people.

We recognize that choosing the kind of care for your aging parent is a serious decision that you all have to make as a family. However, for some others who have no other family members to entrust their aging loved ones to, partnering with a personal care home in Fairburn, Georgia is a very ideal option. Here is how you can still have extended caring hands for your elderly loved ones.

With that, we share some more ways you can show your love to your elderly parents even from a distance:

  • Visit Regularly
    As your distance is inevitable, being with your aging loved ones personally is definitely another level of care for them. This can be a time for you to check on their conditions, monitor their needs, how they’re being cared for, and simply spending quality time with them. Your goal is to make your visits regular and meaningful every time.
  • Connect Every Day
    Ideally, everyday communication with your senior parents can be very comforting for all of you. This is now possible with the different communication apps online. However, when schedules don’t permit the daily frequency, find ways to always connect with them. Even a simple update on how your day has been can show them how much you cherish them in your thoughts.
  • Keep Notes
    To keep you updated with the progress or status of your loved one’s condition, it helps to keep tabs of what’s going on. Writing your own notes right after your visits provides you an opportunity to review the progress of your aging parent. With your notes, you can make a review of their health history, and you can also pass this information on to their care providers.
  • Research About Other Help
    Be constantly aware of the present condition of your loved one and evaluate if their situation is still ideal for their well-being. Research and learn about other ways on how you can assist them, such as learning about their health condition, getting them a support group, or encouraging them to start a new hobby.
  • Plan for their Care
    When you’re not personally available, it’s very helpful to carefully plan for the kind of care that your aging parent will receive. You can either secure a home care provider or move them in with us at Serenity Empire PCH. With this knowledge, you can relax knowing that your loved one is indeed being cared for.

If you’re interested about our care home or in getting respite care in Georgia, contact us immediately.

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