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Senior Care: Tips in Proper Handling of Pain Medications

Senior Care Tips in Proper Handling of Pain Medications

Body pains can be considered as natural companions of aging. Most of our senior loved ones are already facing a certain amount of pain due to their illnesses. These pains can hinder them from living a quality life and enjoying the time with the people they love. Hence, their physicians provide temporary or long-lasting pain relievers so that they can manage their life despite the pain.

Pain relievers are important medications that ought to be monitored. However, our senior loved ones may find it challenging to remember taking their medications on time, so getting help from providers of elderly care in Douglasville, Georgia may be necessary. With proper medication management, pain relievers also need to be handled properly. Here are applicable tips in managing pain relievers:

  • Keep your meds securely in bottles or containers with child-resistant lids. Pain medications can be harmful to children especially when they don’t need it at that moment. Furthermore, the dosage amount is also beyond a child’s age. Having these meds get into a tot’s hands by accident is definitely risky. As backup protection, in case their curious hands will get to hold it, the child-resistant lids can keep the pills in their place.
  • Store your pain medications, which are usually opioids, in the same location that is secure and out of reach from people who are not supposed to access it. If you have a storage box with the same security of a safety deposit box, or if you can put a padlock on the cabinet where the meds are, all the better. In our personal care home in Fairburn, Georgia, we always see to it that important medications such as pain relievers are really secured from individuals who are not supposed to have them.
  • Pain relievers are one of the medications that tend to be abused by patients. When this happens, the medication will not be able to achieve its purpose for their painful condition. To ensure that the opioids don’t get into the wrong hands, share the prescription information only with primary caregivers or other personalities who need to know.
  • When opioids need to be disposed of, it’s essential to observe the proper disposal instruction provided in the medication label. If there’s none, you can contact the pharmacy you got it from and inquire. You can also inquire from your local garbage disposal agency how they can assist you in disposing your unused medications.

Do you have a senior loved one at home who can benefit from these tips? Remember to put these into action so you can help promote their overall well-being. If you’re also concerned about your senior family member who’s staying alone at home, consider moving them to our care at Serenity Empire PCH. When you’re also caring for them at home, and you need to take a break, we can fill in for you and provide respite care in Georgia.

What do you think about these tips? Comment your thoughts below!

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