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Essentials in Preparing a Senior for the Next Checkup

Essentials in Preparing a Senior for the Next Checkup

You must have heard any of these from your aging loved one: “I feel dizzy after I wake up.” “I think I can’t see things clearly.” “I forgot to take my medicines!”

Part of the normal aging process is the presence of different physical ailments, progressing through the years. Hence, it’s very ideal for our senior loved ones to always be on top of their health status, which they can do when they always go to their medical checkups.

When your senior loved one is already staying alone at home, they can benefit from moving to our personal care home in Fairburn, Georgia. We have compassionate care providers who can accompany and assist them in these important checkups. Whether it’s our team or you who will be with your loved one in their regular checkups, here are essential reminders to keep in mind:

  • Ensure That Their Medical Records Are Ready
    There’s a chance that your senior loved one can overlook their health records, which doctors need to see to evaluate their progress. To make this easier for both of you, keep their records in the same folder and place them in the same location at home every time. This way, whenever you or another person will keep them company, the records can easily be retrieved and presented to their physician.
  • Prepare Their Insurance Information
    Medical checkups also require some payments, which are given at a lesser amount when they have the right insurance. Whether it’s the government-funded healthcare benefits or one that they have privately secured for themselves, this information must be taken with them when they go to their checkups. This way, you can have one less thing to worry about.
  • Keep Them Safe Outdoors
    Going to their next checkup can be physically rigorous for some seniors, especially when they have mobility challenges. Ensure that they can be safe from falls. When you’re not the one keeping them company, professional providers of elderly care in Douglasville, Georgia can help you out so that your senior loved one can navigate their outdoor itineraries safely.
  • Let Them Stay Hydrated
    Bringing your loved one outdoors for their medical appointment can be physically draining, especially if the weather is unusually warm. Since dehydration cannot be risked for seniors, ensure that they always take even a small sip of water every once in a while. This is a simple way of ensuring that they’re staying hydrated outdoors.
  • Bring Your List of Questions
    If there had been concerns from the previous checkup that you were not able to bring up, it’s best that you keep a list of them, along with other concerns that you want to clarify on. You would want to know how your aging loved one can manage their medications and health, among many other health-related issues.

At Serenity Empire PCH, we’re helping you find better ways to provide quality care for your loved one, especially if you’re looking for providers of respite care in Georgia. For your inquiries, contact us!

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